Our Accreditation History-

On August 31st, 2010, Reynolds County Health Center was visited by the Accreditation Site Surveyors to access the agency for Primary Accreditation. This was after many, many hours of preparation & submission of documents was downloaded and reviewed. Interviews were conducted with employees, a touring of the facility, and review of manuals was completed.

September 30th, 2010, we were notified at the Missouri Association of Local Public Health Agencies Conference, held in Columbia, that we had achieved Primary Accreditation. It was also announced that we were the smallest agency (4 FT employees) in the State of Missouri that had achieved this level and had scored 100% on all Performance & Infrastructure Measures! This is quite an achievement for our small agency and we are very proud to have accomplished it.

In the fall of 2016, we were asked to participate in a Beta Focus Group to redesign the Workforce Standards along with Stoddard & Bollinger counties. September 2017 we were notified that our work had been accepted & we were reaccredited until 2022. 

What is Accreditation & why do we need it?

The Missouri Institute for Community Health (MICH) is the accrediting body for Missouri’s Voluntary Accreditation Program for Local Public Health Agencies. MICH is a 501C(3) corporation governed by a Board of Directors. Board members include health care providers, academia, human service organizations, and state and local government. The mission of MICH is “to facilitate and promote excellence in community systems for health and quality of life.”

The Missouri public health system began exploring accreditation for local public health agencies in the 1990’s. The Accreditation Manual has two focuses- Standards for Agency Performance & Standards for Agency Infrastructure.

A local public health agency may seek one of three distinct types of accreditation- Primary, Advanced or Comprehensive. Reynolds County Health Center has chosen to seek Primary Accreditation.

Many benefits come from accreditation such as-

  • self-evaluation that identifies strengths & weaknesses needed for improvement
  • thinking critically about what services & programs the community needs through community assessments
  • staff pride & moral improve as agency works as a team toward a common goal
  • development &/or strengthening of community partnerships & health improvement planning
  • demonstrates a commitment to excellence
  • increases the agency’s effectiveness & capacity to protect & promote health
  • assists in obtaining grant funding to continue or expand services to the community

Agency accreditation demonstrates to customers that agency leadership has accepted the challenge to improve services and activities, so that the community is served by an effective agency and a qualified public health workforce.

 To learn more about MICH, click here.