To review Reynolds County 2017 Community Health Assessment, click here. It will take you to the Region G Collaborative Website. Click on the 2013 Community Health Assessment Update link. It will take a few minutes to open so have patience- it’s a large document. You can review Reynolds County by reading the Table of Contents and choosing those pages to review.

A Community Health Assessment is a fundamental tool of public health practice using a process of collecting data, analyzing the data that is collected and setting priorities for improving the health of our county citizens based on said data. Our aim is to describe the health of the community, by presenting information on health status, community health needs, and resources.

Reynolds County is proud to present this report. This report is a comprehensive collection and analysis of data regarding health issues and needs in our county. Our purpose for this study is to identify health issues of primary concern and to provide information to our partners (government, social services, businesses, health care providers, foundations and consumers) who we feel are positioned to make an impact on the health of our communities.

This report identifies the overall health and wellbeing of the county of Reynolds County. The results help us to establish priorities and develop strategic planning to effectively improve the health of our community.

Our main goal in conducting a regional health assessment is to share this information. We hope that by utilizing this process we will further our collaborative efforts, especially across county lines and with all agencies in the various sectors of health care to address the health needs of our residents.

Feedback from the community is an important tool in conducting a community health assessment. Any comments or suggestions for improvement regarding this assessment and its contents is welcomed & can be shared with the Missouri Region G Local Public Health Departments at any time.