Vision Statement

The Reynolds County Maternal, Child & Family Health Coalition is directed, through a holistic approach, to overcome critical barriers and achieve the health & wellness of our community families, which is the basic right of all human beings.

Mission Statement

Recognizing that healthy families constitute the basis of our society, Reynolds County Maternal, Child & Family Health Coalition is dedicated to promoting and improving their health & well being through advocacy, education, community empowerment, and policy development.

The coalition came into existence on December 11, 2007 when several organizations and community members came together to discuss the health and well being of Reynolds County citizens. The coalition is made up of people and organizations with an interest in improving the health & wellness of women, men, children & families. It is a coalition of organizations and citizens that strives to recruit members from the community & organizations whose mission is supportive of its mission & goals. Membership is open to any organization, individual, or agency interested in improving the health & well being of our community. The coalition meets at a minimum of four (4) times a year.

Data regarding the risk/priorties identified by the Coalition members is listed below and was update as of 10/16/2018.

Drug/Alcohol – 2015 49 drug arrests/26 DUI-DWI/5 alcohol-related crashes/22 Liquor Law Violations
Overweight/Obesity 37.2% BMI 25-29/36.1% BMI >30
Diabetes 14.8%
No Mammography 13.1% never had a mammogram
Smoking 32.5% smoke
Child Abuse/Neglect – 2011 8 cases
Inadequate Prenatal Care 26.32%
Nutrition 90.4% eat less than 5 fruits/vegetables/day
Avg. age for 1st Marijuana use 13 Yrs.
Opioid Overdoses 6.29 – 14.64
Health Insurance 28.5% have no health insurance
High Blood Pressure 45.4% have high blood pressure
Non-Heroin Deaths 28.07% smoke during pregnancy
Low Birth Rate 2013-2017 8.45
Cervical Cancer Screenings 4.3% never had a Pap Test
Mother Underweight 2013-2017 15.15%
High Cholesterol 53.9% have high cholesterol

Data from Mo. Dept. of Mental Health & Mo. Dept. of Health & Sr. Services & Dept. of Mental Health

We are always looking for new coalition members to bring new insights to the needs of the county. Some of the things we have worked on are:

  • Youth United for Change
  • Prescription Take Back Days & Drop Box in the county Sheriff’s office
  • Women’s Health Fair

If you have any questions, please contact the Health Center.