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Folic Acid for ALL Women

It is recommended that all women ages 15-45 should take at least 400 mcg/day of Folic Acid (B6). Folic Acid is necessary for fetal development early in pregnancy.


Count the Kicks

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Vaccine-preventable diseases are at an all time low, saving untold numbers of lives and millions of dollars in health care costs in Missouri, but this doesn’t mean they have disappeared. Did you get your Flu Shot yet?


Welcome to Reynolds County Health Center!

Reynolds County Health Center (RCHC) was started in 1953 by the citizens of Reynolds County. Reynolds County Health Center is located in Centerville, approximately in the center of the county. A WIC (Women, Infants and Children) annex was added to the original structure in 1973. Using funding from Missouri Foundation for Health, a meeting & training annex was added in October 2008.

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Fun Fact…

Reynolds County is located in the Ozark Foothills in Southeast Missouri. Reynolds County is 811 square miles with over 51,000 acres of land belonging to Mark Twain National Forest and Missouri Conservation Department. In 2016, the population was 6,661 with an estimated 21.3% of the residents being 65 and older compared to the state rate of 14.2%. At the same time, the Census Bureau estimated that young people (under 18) made up 22.2% of the county’s population, compared to 23.4% for the state in the same time period.